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Online Audio Mastering

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You get a richer, fuller and louder master

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BeforeNew Track City
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New Track City

Loves Train

  How It Works  

Choose a Plan

Simply choose a plan that best suits your needs. We offer a  Single Master, and a subscription type plan.

Upload Your Song

Once you've chosen a plan, simply click on the upload button to upload your tracks. You can also upload your song from your mobile device.

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Get the clarity that your music needs. Upload your music today

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Real Ears &

Real Hands

Master Tracks

What other music creators are saying

“Everything is just superb with CMastering. It is very affordable, timely, and the level of professionalism and quality of work is simply mind blowing. You guys rock!”

James Shawn

Artist, Producer & Mix Engineer

  • What next after I upload my song?
    Mastering: Once your file is received, we will begin to work on it and it should be ready to download after 3 days. Ocassionally check on your status and we will also send out an email to let you know when your song is ready for download. Mixing: You should expect to receive a finished mix within 3 - 5 days
  • Do you use Hardware when mastering?
    Yes, we have a hybrid setup. Hardware we use for mastering are Rupert Neve MBC A-D Converter, Rupert Neve Portico II, Vari Tube Compressor from Tegeler, Heritage Symph EQ, Rupert Neve 5057 Orbit and Antelope Orion 32+. And we use software from several companies. Plugin Alliance, IK Multimedia, Waves, and many more.
  • Can I upload more than one songs?
    Mastering & Mixing: Yes! You can upload more than one song but make sure you've paid for this songs.
  • How long will it take to get my master or mix?
    Mastering: You will have your master ready for download within 1-3 days. Mixing: Your mix will be ready within 3-5 days
  • Can i upload an mp3 file?
    Yes. You can upload an mp3 file, however we recommend uploading a .wav or .aif file, as these files have a higher resolution than a mp3 file and they sound much better. If mp3 is all you have, the result would still be desirable, so there is no need to fret. is just that .wav or .aif sounds better.
  • How do you master my song?
    We listen and critically analyze your song(s) and then we make different adjustments as needed. And because we want the best for you, we may ask you to make some re-adjustment in the mixing stage and then send the track back to us at no additional cost.

High Fidelity Music Mastering Services

The world is waiting to hear your music. You don't have to worry about how to master a song. Our online mastering just for you.

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