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Once you've chosen a plan, simply click on the upload button to upload your file. We encourage you to also upload a stereo rough mix if you have one and tell us if you have a reference track. 

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You would get an email to inform you that your mastered track is ready.

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“Everything is just superb with CMastering. It is very affordable, timely, and the level of professionalism and quality of work is simply mind blowing. You guys rock!”

James Shawn

Artist, Producer & Mix Engineer

Frequently asked questions

What is the age group for participants?

This experience is curated for all age group participants. If you are looking to involve your children, kids from 7 and above will love the experience.

How do i enroll for this tour?

Once you click on the book now button, you will be redirected to a payment page. You will recieve a confirmation email immediately. 12 hours before the event begins, we will send you an email with a youtube link to access the live simulation on the event day. This is a live simulation, so log in at that appropriate time.

Is this pre-recorded video?

No. This is a live simulation of our Universe and a highly interactive session.

Where will we be watching this tour?

We will send you a private Youtube/ Zoom/ Webinar Live link to join the tour. You will receive this as an email to you 12 hours before the event. The link is a private link, so only you will be able to watch it. We recommend you not to share the link to anyone.

What is Live Simulation?

Using a high, graphically inclined simulation tool, we will literally visit all the places in our universe. This is not a power point presentation showing you about different celestial objects in the universe! We guarantee you that this will be a very unique experience

Can we watch the video later?

No. Since this is a Live Interactive Simulation, you will not be able to view it later than the time.

What will be the medium of instruction in the simulation?


Don't overpay to get a great mix 

Don't risk releasing a bad mix to your audience. They might not forgive you for that and won't forget either. You can trust us to do it right. 

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