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Learn to Play the Piano Faster

Piano lesson

Every day across the globe, people endeavor to improve their Piano playing skills, some excelling with their talent, and others hitting a brick wall. In this article, we will be exploring the best ways to quickly improve your Piano playing skills, so that you can become the musician you’ve always dreamed of being, without having to spend hours mindlessly drilling scales.

Excel at the Basics

Many Pianists are guilty of jumping straight into Chopin and Mozart pieces as soon as they are able to read them, without taking into account the intricacies involved in playing such expressive pieces. The result of this is often a sloppy, incohesive mess that somewhat resembles the piece. It may seem obvious, but before moving on to play tougher pieces, take some time to backtrack and make sure your finger positioning, chord shifts, and timings are all correct.

The Theory is Important!

Very few pianists begin to play in order to better their understanding of music theory, despite it being an integral part of the foundations of many songs. By improving your knowledge of music theory, you are also improving your knowledge of the construction of many songs, which will ultimately help you when it comes to sight-reading and improvising in genres like Jazz, Classical, and Blues.

Kick Any Bad Habits

Some of the most popular bad habits Pianists report being guilty of are looking down at the Piano keys, incorrect fingering, and poor posture, most of which tend to stem from those who are self-taught, as a figure of guidance is absent. Despite how much you may be convinced that this is your “style” the best thing you can do for your future playing is to nip those habits in the bud as overtime, those habits will begin to impact your ability to play difficult pieces that require precise accuracy and speed.

YouTube is a great resource for Piano videos, with amateurs to professionals creating a range of piano-related content, from covers of popular songs to educational videos.

Take a Few Professional Lessons!

If you have the money for it, a few lessons from a professional teacher can greatly benefit your playing and speed up the learning process for you. Throughout your lessons, you will be set clear, personalized goals to achieve week by week, plus your teacher will also be able to pick up on any poor habits and help you to overcome any struggles you may face on your musical journey.

Learn from Observation

One of the best ways to learn anything in life is by watching somebody else do it and then copying it. YouTube is a great resource for Piano videos, with amateurs to professionals creating a range of piano-related content, from covers of popular songs to educational videos. The best part is that any content on YouTube is completely free, so you can rewind and replay any video to your heart’s content.

In conclusion, whilst it’s important to remember that you can’t learn to play the Piano overnight, there are plenty of things that you can do to help get past the initial speed bumps when it comes to playing, and eventually become proficient at such a popular and accessible instrument! Also knowing how to play the piano will help you become better at producing music.

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